The best scooter for me

So, I think that I am going to purchase one of these amazing UNU scooters when I move to Germany. This Berlin-based company, makes the best scooter that I’ve ever seen. It aligns completely with my values. This company has a business model which is totally Innovative in different than anything else I’ve ever seen. Basically they make an offer, at this company, that is almost too good to be true. In fact, I thought it was too good to be true. Allow me to paraphrase here. Basically what they’re saying is that they are going to offer you a customized scooter, that is fully electric and will not require any oil or gas, will not create any pollution, and that they are going to offered you this very modern and stylish and effective product for an affordable price. So, it seems to me that they have taken the business strategy of other traditional Automotive suppliers and manufacturers, and turned it upside down. They have created the mirror image of something that doesn’t work, and they have made it work. They have made something that is responsible instead of destructive environmentally, and they have made something that is Affordable and stead of too expensive. They have created value from every part of the automotive Industries offering that extract value away from the consumer. Basically, you choose. As the customer you choose the colors and you make your little bike on the online shop. They have an individual manufacturing model, which allows each driver that oozes this company to have their scooter manufactured and delivered right to their door. Fully assembled, it arrives in a box, and once you open that box you are ready to ride. The battery is amazing and the battery life is impressive. It’s easy to charge, and easy to drive. This is an amazing thing. This company is offering something.




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