Yes, you can rent the theatre for your party.  We host many different parties.

We can set up tables for your party favors, cake, presents, and your own food.  Drinks must be kept in a cup with a lid and straw.  You can also, buy popcorn and drinks from me, or bring your own.

Party times are set up in between our shows.  On Saturdays, we can do a morning party, with the latest beginning at 11am, and in the afternoon beginning at 4pm.  On Sundays, we only do a 4pm party reservation time.

Party Rates

  • $45/hr when you bring your own movie
  • $55/hr when you use our current movie
  • $65/hr when you use the first week release movie

Please call 570-345-0426 and make reservations with us.  Our party times fill up quickly and calling sooner will help get you your time slot.  Leave a message for Louise, and she will return your call.

Ticket Prices

The following prices apply for tickets:

Adult (13 – 59)–$6.00

Child/Senior (3 – 12 and persons age 60 and over)–$4.00

All matinee tickets are$4.00